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I hardly contribute to the fandom and there's really nothing much to be listed here, but considering the fact that this journal is more of a private archive than anything else, I should sort and catalogue everything for easier navigation. And since, I only ever produce for one single fandom, all works will be segregated into fanfics, fanvids and graphics post :D


Comments are highly appreciated and loved, of course, nothing could make me more happier than knowing that someone is enjoying my works :D

Last Updated: April 16, 2011

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It's a little bit too early to prepare this but since I'm obviously looking for an excuse to procrastinate (and tumblr was down earlier), so why not. I'll be taking one of those online reading challenges next year, mostly because I just want to cut down the To-Be-Read book pile in my room (which will expand massively in December after I return from the year-end book sale). Hopefully this will serve as a good enough incentive for me to finally clear my bookshelf up. At any rate, I own the following books and they are going to be stacked up in a nice spot next to my bed (because if I leave them in the bookshelf, they are never going to be read). Let's hope they'll be gone by the end of next year.

For now, I'm targeting minimally 30 books next year. Naturally, I'll be doing more reading than what's listed here and re-reads don't count. This list also excludes any potential university readings and whatever further materials that will come flying my way. Most of them are fiction, with a few non-fiction slot in and the list might be amended slightly in the future.

And yes, I know I have some horrible taste in books. Never mind the fact that I ought to have read some of these classics ages ago. ORZ

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I've just touched down in Korea a couple of hours ago and will be staying here for two weeks, so don't mind me if I'm a little absent from all aspects of the Internet in the upcoming weeks. With that said, this is South Korea we're talking about, the country that is known for having the fastest internet speed in the world along with high bandwidth usage, so the chances of me not using/finding the Internet is almost... laughable. The question here is that will I still have the energy to log on the internet after a day full of adventure. :D

Things I'm looking forward to:
- Jekyll and Hyde musical
- Teddy Bear Museum
- Hanji Paper Workshop at Bukchon Hanok Village
- Kyobo Book Centre at Gwanghwamun-jum
- Yeongneung UNESCO Heritage
- Namiseon Island
- The good-looking cashier at Namsan Guesthouse 2 (If he's really as good-looking as the rumours say, I'm going to have to wander over to this Guesthouse every other night and ask for directions :P)
- A young, hot Korean husband XP

P.S.: If anyone wants a postcard, just drop me a PM with your address.
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Title: Peachy Keen
Fandom: Naruto
Character(s): Kakashi/Sakura
Rating: T. Mildly suggestive themes that are just as harmless as, well, peaches ;)
Summary: The one where late night visits to the nearby convenience store with your lover was a bad idea.
A/N: Prompt: Peaches. Challenge entry for the Basic Level of the KakaSaku April Challenge: Make It Work. Also, I'm going to a special kind of hell :3

Peachy Keen )
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Title: Prologue
Fandom: Naruto
Series: Home is Where the Heart is
Character(s): Sakura, Ino, Kakashi
Rating: G
Summary: Life sucks when you wake up one day to find yourself 27 years old, married to your teacher, with three precocious children and you have absolutely no idea how or when it happened. 
A/N: Tagged under [s: home and heart]. Mostly unbetaed, so all mistakes are mine. Pocky, where are you? :3

Home is Where the Heart is (Prologue) )
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Second post in a day because I don't want to cram too many things in one post. Here are the extra materials and images that are released in DGM Volume 20. I must confess I haven't been this excited since the release of the DGM fanbook and Noche, and the information here are absolutely precious. I mean, what can I say, I adore the Asian Branch if you haven't notice ;D

Also, it is revealed that Volume 21 will be released in November.

Inner Cover of Volume 20 )

Edgar, Touyi and Zuu's Profiles )

Additional Images: Link & Timcanpy; Alma & Kanda )

Special Thanks Page (or as I call it, THE COVER THAT NEVER MADE IT) )

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So, I have D.Gray-man Volume 20 with me :D I've scanned Chapter 193.5 and the additional materials and I'll be sharing it here. With the help of K and L, I have the translation for Chapter 193.5 which I'll include below each image. It'll be nice if someone can offer to clean and typeset this :D Also, I hope that some kind talented fan out there is willing to colour the final panel of this chapter. It's absolutely gorgeous and heart-rending.

Edit: My prayers have been answered! [ profile] darkwater657 has cleaned and typeset the images and is sharing it with us here. And [ profile] ningi provided us with a beautiful colouring of the heartbreaking last panel here. Thank you, you two are just wonderful!

Photobucket has resized the images, I will reupload a bigger one later. In the mean time, discuss away!

Oh, and be prepared to have your heart gutted out T_T

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Okay, first things first, it might be a little late but I'd still like to dedicate this video to [ profile] harmony283. Happy belated birthday! ;D

Secondly, I have no regrets in creating this video! It was an enjoyable experience even though I had to sacrifice one night of sleep just to complete it, something that I haven't done in two years. Incidentally, the last video that I managed to complete was from two years ago. Gosh, has is it been so long? In short, I'm so pleased with myself at the moment that I don't really care if this video was good or bad, just happy that it's finally uploaded and I can update my LJ :D

Third, folks of the [ profile] black_order_hq, our overworked Section Chief is looking forward to your response on this, whether they are tears, complaints or threats (not like he realised what he has done anyway, it was an accident! Exhaustion got the better of him, as always...) ;D

Title: Money, Money, Money
Fandom: D.Gray-man
Character(s): Allen, Cross, Timcanpy
Song: "Money, Money, Money" from Mamma Mia! The Movie
Rating: G
Summary: Exorcist Allen Walker has led an extraordinary childhood.

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Dear beloved f-list, feel free to ignore the following post. In fact, after almost a year of disappearance, I truly think this is a very poor returning entry to this journal. But I really need to place this soundtrack trading list somewhere until I can find a better location to keep it. So erm, please bear with it till it disappears from your f-list entries.

But hey, if you do see anything you like in there, just ask, okay? 83

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So, let's get this straight, today is not my birthday, nor was it last week or even last month. In fact, my birthday was over months ago, like way back in early July :P Back then, I didn't manage to make that obligatory birthday post due to some issues with LJ itself and I was really busy (I've got a job if it explains a lot and there goes my freedom T__T). Between then and now, I actually wanted to update several stuff for fandom but never got around it because I feel must make this particular post before I ever consider updating my LJ.

Days turn into weeks, weeks into months and I'd be damn if I don't complete this post by the end of this year :3

This post is important because I would like to acknowledge some of the amazingly nice and sweet people on my f-list (and elsewhere) whom actually remembered my birthday and made me some lovely gifts for me. Bless you for being such sweet angels and million apologies for not getting back to you about it earlier.

Also, I've included some commission pictures which I've compiled over the last couple of months at various conventions, over at deviantart and er... some older artworks other people drew and coloured for me. Basically, I've divided this post into Birthday, Gifts and Commissions ;)

Without further ado, pic spam alert!!

Birthday )

Gifts )

Commissions )

And I do miss you guys and the nice times on LJ :(

PS: Updated 23 images on the Basch/Ashe fanart post :D
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Housekeeping on Livejournal and shoving an old fic out of the way to pave road for new (possible) ones. I haven't updated my LJ for so long that it feels somewhat foreign to do so now. Well, it's not that I've been neglecting fandom actually, in fact, I have been producing and writing on an almost daily basis. It's just that, all the fics and vids projects that I've undertaken are god-awful long and complicated and I couldn't find time to actually complete it. Which leads to no fic, no vids (someone on youtube thought I've fallen off the face of the planet), no icons... T__T

That, and I'm wading into a new fandom recently. Nothing new or special about it, just that it is a far cry from FFXII and its fandom. Why halo thar D.Gray-Man, welcome aboard! XD

Title: Boys Will Be Boys
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Character(s): Basch, Noah
Rating: G
Summary: Ronsenburg twins have peculiar ways in spending summer
A/N: A fairly old, musty, dusty piece written for [personal profile] sarasa_catat the wet!naked!Basch challenge sometime ago, the original prompt being: childhood, summertime. Just one of those atypical hot Landis summers with some semi nude Ronsenburg frolicking in blue, clear, transparent waters. Well, sort of?

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Long story short, I've attended my university convocation yesterday, and to commemorate this event, I made a series of icons, animation banners, friends only banners and oversize-bandwidth-consuming group banners XD With the theme, "Doctor of Philosophy in Final Fantasy XII" ;D

Honestly, I wasn't too keen on my own graduation ceremony. While the pomp and circumstance was a treat, it was dreadfully boring in the robbing room earlier that afternoon. I mean, I seriously felt like a canned sardin, and it's not because I was crammed into a room where I have to bump shoulders to move, or the fact that I'm wearing four layers of thick clothing inside the sauna-like room (not to mention, I kept on tripping over the hem of my gown, arms flailing and all, and I probably took out someone's eye with the mortar board X3), or even the fact that the graduands, boys and girls alike, despite being well-educated and smartly dressed, were gabbling like fish-mongers in a fish market :3

Now, what ultimately drove me nuts in the end was not all that (though, a large part of it), but rather it was the silly rule: No drinks allowed until the end of the ceremony 8O In the situation where I'm in a blazing warm room, filled with hundreds of noisy students from my faculty, with a Harry Potter gown sitting on my shoulders, and the last morsel of food that I had was three hours ago; the committee saw fit to impose this rule then =.=|||

I nearly dehydrated along the way TT^TT

Anyhow, while I'm not all cheers and celebration for my graduation, I'd probably go mad with joy if I receive a Ph.D in Final Fantasy XII XD

And btw, strangely, for the last two weeks, half of the post by my f-list were either graduation-related or hospital-related :P Well, congrats to the earlier and well-wishes to the latter :)

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While I might be horribly unproductive and a sloth, other people in the fandom surely isn't. Three of my four prompts have been answered by four fics and all of them are so wonderfully written XD What can I say, my lucky stars must have been shinning brightly over my head that week. My hidden cravings for Noah/Penelo had somehow been answered and satiated :D


[ profile] astrangerenters wrote Fran giving a smooch to the cry-baby sky pirate wannabe Ffamran. The things that she's willing to do just to have some peace and quiet.

[ profile] delylah wrote a brutal piece of Noah and Penelo sharing a savage, painful lip-lock in a disreputable tavern. Domineering Judge Magisters and hard-headed dancing girls just don't see eye-to-eye.

[ profile] manic_intent wrote a hilarious exchange between Basch and Noah in Brotherly Affection, a kiss that was immortalized in a famous magazine. Photoshoot AU.

Wonderfully generous [ profile] sarasa_cat wrote an incredibly long and touching piece with Penelo giving Noah a gentle kiss that he doesn't want in Another War Orphan.


As for the part that I played in this year's FF Valentine kissing challenge: I actually eyed a few prompts but in the end, I only succeed in completing one of it. T__T Currently, the ideas are still swimming around my head and I might eventually write it someday, though it's no longer for that kissing challenge anymore. Perhaps, maybe, unlikely... :3

Title: Sting Bite
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Character(s): Basch, Penelo, and a dead Cactuar.
Rating: G
Summary: There is no medicine better than a captain's kiss.

Sting Bite )
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So... instead of writing fics. I've joined the  [ profile] ff_eye_candy  icontest instead. Because I could hardly resist when I saw the theme that week. Well, that, and I was on a icon making spree at the moment. I mean, seriously, first, I made a claim for Basch/Ashe at [ profile] iconfiend100, then I went on to [ profile] ffxii_arcana, and claimed XII: The Hanged Man Vossler for icon. A bit crazy on my part, don't you think?

At any rate, the icontest was quite fun as I won third place for my Basch-Beowulf icon (Go on, drool all you want, it's not everyday we get to see a naked Basch, you know!) :D And this Baschilles icon was requested for tutorial. I'm quite gleeful to be honest, as I haven't join any kind of contest for as long as I can remember (I'm not competitive by nature... Honest!! XD), let alone win something. 

For now, I just want to share the three icons that I've made for the contest. Once I've made enough icons, I'm probably going to repost all the random icons that I've made along the way. Yeah, I even had Basch dressed up as a pharaoh, and Rasler as Medusa X3

Final Fantasy XII/Mythology? )

Also, combine this and this into 

All Hail Baschilles!! )

Well, something like that XD Not perfect but somewhat similar, and I did have fun doing this :P This is my first attempt at writing an icon tutorial, so I hope I didn't make too many glaring mistakes :3
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So this is me partaking another challenge again! Most likely this will end up as one of those suicidal missions (kamikaze...! XD), as I'm not really well-versed in icon making. I'd probably only upload everytime I complete 10 icons, so this might be a long project.

To be honest, iconfiend100 have yet to approve of my claim, but being the despicably impatient person I am, I've decided to post it up here first XP I do hope I didn't break any rules by doing so =.=|||

Also, if anyone have some ideas or a particular Basch/Ashe scene that they wish to see made into an icon. Please tell me, and I'll have a go at it :) Wish me luck and hopefully, I'll complete this challenge as soon as possible. And... until I finally update a new fic, I'm NOT going to post up anymore videos that I make. I'm sort of boycotting myself here X3

Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Pairing: Basch fon Ronsenburg & Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca
Theme Set: Beta @ iconfiend100
# of icons completed: 20/100
Rating: PG (I just realised how perverse I am 83)
Resources: Here!

Basch/Ashe: Amor Vincit Omnia )

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An obligatory resources and credits post that must be written.

This list is not complete at the moment as I did not keep record of my resources previously, and I've lost some of the names, and thus, cannot credit appropriately. If you recognise anything that belongs to you, and I didn't manage to credit, please notify me, and I'll add you to the list immediately :)

Note to self: It looks really untidy, will fix it when I have the chance later X3 )
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Rabid rats and fats cats in a bag!! I've never encountered so many errors and horrors from youtube before. Seriously, youtube have something against me today, and it took me practically forever (or at least, it feels that long) to post this video. I actually wanted to broadcast this video on Christmas day itself, but well, didn't manage to make it X3

That, and originally, I wanted to create a Basch/Ashe Christmas Special Video (well, something along those lines), but sadly, I couldn't complete it in time, and now, I'm not sure if I should continue with the project, erm, unless someone is interested... XP And the fics, well, I'll have something up by New Year... hopefully :D

Also, though, this might be a little late, I'd still like to wish everyone Merry Christmas ;)

Title: Forget About Love
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Character(s): Balthier, Basch/Ashe
Song: "Forget About Love" from Aladdin: The Return of Jafar
Rating: G
Summary: Sneaky Balthier is up to one of his mischieves (again!). As he tries to 'convince and advise' Ashe to forget about her love for Basch, by singing about his distaste for love and romance. His plans in separating (or uniting?) Ashe and Basch obviously backfired (or worked?) when the couple finally realises the feelings they share deep down and that they just can't 'Forget About Love' ♥

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I had a hard time choosing the suitable icon for this post. The Basch/Vossler icon shows both characters, but it's rather ill-suited for this video. Oh well, it's not that important anyway :3

I dedicated this video to two amazing girls on, namely Tanjavasi and Ananda81 (who happens to be twins in real life, btw XD). This wasn't on my to-do list or any list, but inspiration struck hard and I made this with the thought of dedicating the video to these girls, whom to my knowledge, considers Basch and Vossler to be their favourite characters in the game respectively, and share the same fondness in musicals.

Also, Tanja happens to be one of my first few friends within this fandom through forums and later youtube. An incredible fanvid creator whom created the famous Basch video "I'll Make A Man Out of You" and also, the popular and romantic Basch/Ashe video "It Is You (I Have Loved)". While, Ananda, who I end up knowing later, created two lovely Basch/Ashe videos as well (Dear Basch and If You Only Knew)

Otherwise, personally, I always wanted to create a fanvid with Vossler taking the center stage, and I'm glad I have a chance to do so in this video (Next target is Noah, once I find a suitable song for him). But I've currently lost the motivation to do anything, so it might take a while before I upload anything else, whether it is fanfic or fanvid. T___T

Also, a word of thanks to [profile] crazy18gurl, [personal profile] astrangerenters, and [profile] merry_rogue for your comments on youtube. As for the 'At The Beginning', I'm afraid two people have beaten me to it. Neither of them are focused on Basch/Ashe, but still, I'm not sure if I should attempt a third FFXII video with the same song X3

Title: Learn To Do It
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Character(s): Vossler, Basch, Ashe
Song: "Learn To Do It" from Anastasia
Rating: G
Summary: Ashe was certainly not famous for being demure, and more of a warrior princess than a meek maiden. If you ever wonder who taught the desert princess proper social graces, chances would be that we might catch a glimpse of two hardworking Dalmascan captains. It's tough being a Captain! 

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Your wish is my command, [ profile] mariagoner , and here's the drabble as promised ;D I'm immensely glad that you've enjoyed it and even more flattered that you would consider including this into your Uses of Enchantment series. For some reason, I'm unable to come up with a better title, therefore, if something else in mind, just tell me and I'll replace it. :)

Apart from that, do expect a FFXII pic-spam within the next few days ;)

Title: Ticking Time Bomb
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Character(s): Larsa, Penelo
Rating: G
Summary: Five Times Larsa Had Been Tempted To Do Upon Hearing of Men Pawing at his Sky-Pirating Lady

Five Times Larsa Had Been Tempted To Do Upon Hearing of Men Pawing at his Sky-Pirating Lady )
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I really didn't want to post four videos in a row. I wanted to post 'Love is Blind' prologue (or any fics as a matter of fact), but Basch and Larsa wouldn't cooperate with me (sorry, had to get that off my chest, and the fic isn't even about them). But things kind of change, after I wrote 5 really crappy sentence for [profile] mariagoner, and I felt obligated to give her something as a compensation. And this is it!

Penelo and Fran is truly spectacular btw ;D Also, if you think this video is crack-filled, wait till you see the next one in maybe two weeks time.

But anyway, what do you all feel about a pic-spam post? I've got a couple of FFXII fanarts from japanese sites, and I was wondering if you would prefer that I upload the Group pics, Basch/Ashe pics, Individual pics, or other pairings (mostly Basch/anyone pics)? No, [profile] icor, I do not have as much Balthier/Fran pics as you did, and I'm still amazed that you found that much.

Off topic: I normally don't talk about my RL issues, but my neck feels like snapping into two after bunking on the hospital... couch every afternoon, since Monday. My younger sister is going through some auto-immune deficiency illness (rashes and abdominal pain), and though it is not serious, she's expected to remain in the hospital for further inspections in case it gets worse. And I've been keeping her company in the afternoons, 15 hours shift until one of my parents comes and take over the watch. My back feels sore T__T

Title: The New Girl in Town
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Character(s): Penelo, Fran, Ashe and the boys
Song: 'The New Girl in Town' from Hairspray
Rating: G
Summary: Penelo and Fran have been living a peaceful life in FFXII. Penelo bailing Vaan out of trouble while Fran saving Balthier from fires, the usual daily drill. Until Ashe (or Amalia?) makes her entrance and turns everything topsy-turvy. 


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