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EDIT: [This] leads to [this] accompanied with [this] along with [this] and finally brought upon THIS VIDEO.

Completely inspired by two marvelously talented and creative ladies. It was no hidden secret that [ profile] mariagoner was the obvious main culprit of this new crossover insanity, while Kidzukai was the fellow accomplice who broaden its possibilities. And I am just a poor soul caught within the torrential whirlwind of Baschman madness.

Therefore, send your worship, love and praises to them. Not me. XD

Somehow, I believe that this trailer could be better but with my mum vulturing around and ready to pick a bone with me, there wasn't much that I could do but speed up and finish it before she talks my ears off. I'm quite satisfied with the final results, considering that I did try to limit myself to using specific scenes.

And can you blame a girl for choosing Ashe as the damsel in distress again? As the story goes, Batman Baschman saves the day but have to give up his love for Rachel Ashe for the peace of Gotham City Dalmasca. Playing the tragic hero again, ain't he?

Also, Vayne is the perfect villain. I mean it! He was born for malicious roles and he fits well into them. After creating two trailers featuring him as the big bad wolf, I'm proud to say that he's the easiest character to work with in regards for lip-synching.

Now we have an idea, a movie poster, a script and a trailer. What else do we need? XD 

EDIT: Cheers, now we've got the tickets for the premier as well. Kiddies not allowed, and adults only XD

Title: Batman Begins
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Character(s): Basch/Ashe, Raminas, Vayne, Balthier, Rasler
Original Trailer: Batman Begins
Rating: G
Summary: Crossover fandom between Batman Begins and Final Fantasy XII

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By right, I should have post this video here earlier, since it was created and uploaded to a while ago. Well, technically, its debut to public was on the same day as the "The Saga Begins" video, and that was quite long ago. And from the summarization of hits in youtube and comments, general public seem to be favouring Pirates over Jedi Knights. I wonder why?

Personally, I find this video amusing and I can't help it if I actually like the original trailer and background music. Speaking of which, does anyone actually know the what was the music used in the sword-fighting scene between Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones?

Still, I've got to admit the grandest moment of this video was during Basch/Will's line. I won't change it even if someone points a canon at my face.

Title: At World's End
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Character (s): Cast
Original Trailer: "At World's End" from the Pirates of the Caribbean
Rating: G
Summary: Crossover fandom between Pirates of the Caribbean and Final Fantasy XII.


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Somehow... you would begin to comprehend that you've attained another level of fandom insanity when you start to hallucinate and combine two completely unrelated fandom. Or maybe, the blame lies on the depravation of proper fangirlism for the past few weeks, and the sad expectation of the same treatment for the coming months.

Nevertheless, it was great fun to work on this piece for the sake of amusement and to fulfil my cravings for fandom. And seriously, by Jove, I've never expected Star Wars and Final Fantasy to accommodate each other so perfectly well - though I was highly aware of the similarities here and there.

Title: The Saga Begins
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Character(s): Full Cast
Song: "The Saga Begins (American Pie)" by Weird Al Yankovic
Rating: G
Summary: Crossover fandom between Star Wars and Final Fantasy XII

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