Aug. 22nd, 2011

aorin: (Sakura/Kakashi(?): ORZ)
I've just touched down in Korea a couple of hours ago and will be staying here for two weeks, so don't mind me if I'm a little absent from all aspects of the Internet in the upcoming weeks. With that said, this is South Korea we're talking about, the country that is known for having the fastest internet speed in the world along with high bandwidth usage, so the chances of me not using/finding the Internet is almost... laughable. The question here is that will I still have the energy to log on the internet after a day full of adventure. :D

Things I'm looking forward to:
- Jekyll and Hyde musical
- Teddy Bear Museum
- Hanji Paper Workshop at Bukchon Hanok Village
- Kyobo Book Centre at Gwanghwamun-jum
- Yeongneung UNESCO Heritage
- Namiseon Island
- The good-looking cashier at Namsan Guesthouse 2 (If he's really as good-looking as the rumours say, I'm going to have to wander over to this Guesthouse every other night and ask for directions :P)
- A young, hot Korean husband XP

P.S.: If anyone wants a postcard, just drop me a PM with your address.

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