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I hardly contribute to the fandom and there's really nothing much to be listed here, but considering the fact that this journal is more of a private archive than anything else, I should sort and catalogue everything for easier navigation. And since, I only ever produce for one single fandom, all works will be segregated into fanfics, fanvids and graphics post :D


Comments are highly appreciated and loved, of course, nothing could make me more happier than knowing that someone is enjoying my works :D

Last Updated: April 16, 2011

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aorin: (Kakashi/Sakura: Springtime Regained)
Title: Peachy Keen
Fandom: Naruto
Character(s): Kakashi/Sakura
Rating: T. Mildly suggestive themes that are just as harmless as, well, peaches ;)
Summary: The one where late night visits to the nearby convenience store with your lover was a bad idea.
A/N: Prompt: Peaches. Challenge entry for the Basic Level of the KakaSaku April Challenge: Make It Work. Also, I'm going to a special kind of hell :3

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aorin: (Kakashi/Sakura: Springtime Regained)
Title: Prologue
Fandom: Naruto
Series: Home is Where the Heart is
Character(s): Sakura, Ino, Kakashi
Rating: G
Summary: Life sucks when you wake up one day to find yourself 27 years old, married to your teacher, with three precocious children and you have absolutely no idea how or when it happened. 
A/N: Tagged under [s: home and heart]. Mostly unbetaed, so all mistakes are mine. Pocky, where are you? :3

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