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Second post in a day because I don't want to cram too many things in one post. Here are the extra materials and images that are released in DGM Volume 20. I must confess I haven't been this excited since the release of the DGM fanbook and Noche, and the information here are absolutely precious. I mean, what can I say, I adore the Asian Branch if you haven't notice ;D

Also, it is revealed that Volume 21 will be released in November.

Inner Cover of Volume 20

Title: Volume 20 Behind the Scenes
Here, the Earl is taking a 30-minute break from his work as a stuntman.
His next scene is the 'Allen and Tyki crashing onto the Earl' scene.
And he's happy that he's able to work on such action scenes even at this age.
Lavi, on the other hand, is another stuntman because he's just too free.
Same for Timcanpy, who's working part-time as the road doll.

And Tyki asked Allen (calling him shounen) if he wants to add nails to the soles of their shoes before they make this scene XD

Edgar, Touyi and Zuu's Profiles

Asian Branch Chief Assistant: Edgar Chang Martin (43)
Bak’s father. Born in Germany.
He’s from the Chang clan branch family that possesses the blood of the German magician who was one of the founders of the Black Order.
His marriage to Touyi had been decided before their birth.
He’s a good-looking man, but he can't pull off (or 'is bad at being fashionable with') messy long hair.
Loves Touyi very much. A bit of a crybaby. Died during Alma’s rampage.
Birthday: 10th April. Aries. Bloodtype: O

Asian Branch Chief Touyi Chang (39)
Bak’s mother. Inherited ancient magic and is the Head of the Chang clan.
She’s in charge of the technical side of the ‘Second Apostle Project’
The regeneration ability that Yu and Alma possess is a secret skill created by the Chang clan.
Zuu is Touyi’s uncle and the older brother of the previous Branch Chief who is Touyi’s father.
In hopes that her heir, Bak would one day succeed as the Supervisor and change the negative aspects of the Order, he was given strict education.
When Alma went on a rampage, Renee managed to escape from the lab but she herself was killed by Alma.
Birthday: 29th September. Libra. Bloodtype: A

Manufacturer of Anti-Akuma Weapons (Also the Head Chef of the Asian Branch) Swordsmith Zuu Mei Chang (Age unknown)
Formerly a great magician of the Chang clan who held a high position and wields a substantial power in the Central.
He was the teacher of a younger Leverrier and one of the few people that addresses him as ‘Malcolm’.
He’s also a master in culinary, and happens to be the master of Jeryy, the current Head Chef of the Headquarters.
Even though he wasn’t directly involved in the ‘Second Apostle Project’, he couldn’t ignore his own guilt.
He usually showed up in the research lab's kitchen to watch over the state of affairs.
He seems to be carrying some kind of great sin and after many years, those feelings of guilt still torment him.

Additional Images: Link & Timcanpy; Alma & Kanda

Special Thanks Page (or as I call it, THE COVER THAT NEVER MADE IT)

Go on, compare this with the Volume 20 cover and tell me you can't see the resemblance in their poses XD
Make what you will of it ;D
In the place of Timcanpy, we have Yoshi, the diabolical bunny.

Panels that has been touched-up

Most of the background of Bak's panels were fixed, so that it actually looks like they are still underground.
The rest were more or less the same since the drawing was top notch over the last couple of chapters.

Though, I just couldn't figure out why Hoshino chose to fix the bubble in Allen's panel.
Obviously the symbols were funnier :/

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