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While I might be horribly unproductive and a sloth, other people in the fandom surely isn't. Three of my four prompts have been answered by four fics and all of them are so wonderfully written XD What can I say, my lucky stars must have been shinning brightly over my head that week. My hidden cravings for Noah/Penelo had somehow been answered and satiated :D


[ profile] astrangerenters wrote Fran giving a smooch to the cry-baby sky pirate wannabe Ffamran. The things that she's willing to do just to have some peace and quiet.

[ profile] delylah wrote a brutal piece of Noah and Penelo sharing a savage, painful lip-lock in a disreputable tavern. Domineering Judge Magisters and hard-headed dancing girls just don't see eye-to-eye.

[ profile] manic_intent wrote a hilarious exchange between Basch and Noah in Brotherly Affection, a kiss that was immortalized in a famous magazine. Photoshoot AU.

Wonderfully generous [ profile] sarasa_cat wrote an incredibly long and touching piece with Penelo giving Noah a gentle kiss that he doesn't want in Another War Orphan.


As for the part that I played in this year's FF Valentine kissing challenge: I actually eyed a few prompts but in the end, I only succeed in completing one of it. T__T Currently, the ideas are still swimming around my head and I might eventually write it someday, though it's no longer for that kissing challenge anymore. Perhaps, maybe, unlikely... :3

Title: Sting Bite
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Character(s): Basch, Penelo, and a dead Cactuar.
Rating: G
Summary: There is no medicine better than a captain's kiss.

“Ouch!” Penelo hissed as she drew her hand away from the Cactuar, the party’s recent catch, and their supposing dinner. Every day, the party drew lots to decide upon the chores which were to be assigned to each party member, and that evening, Basch was to cook dinner while Penelo was to help him prepare. The sun was bearing down perfunctorily; drawing elongated shadows behind her, and that gave Penelo a sense of urgency to finish preparing the meal as quickly as possible, not wanting Basch to think her an incompetent and bothersome brat. But, in her hurry to remove the needles, she had speared herself.
“What’s wrong?” Basch turned his head towards her, and his eyes traveled to her hand.
“Oh no, nothing, it’s just me being clumsy,” said Penelo, mustering a nervous smile, as she quickly hid her injured finger behind her, shaking it softly to ease the sting. Damn Cactuar, she thought to herself, heatedly.
Basch eyed her curiously for a while, and then, turned around to face her completely. His face was stern but not menacing; he held out his hand and said in voice that left no room for argument, “Let me see your hand.”
Reluctantly, and with much embarrassment, she showed him her palm, like a child who had been asked to reveal her dirty hands after stealing from a jar of cookies. Taking her small hand into his own, he hunched down and examined her slightly swollen index finger with care. A line of blood was streaming from the tiny dot on her fingertip; while she wasn’t bleeding profusely, it didn’t show signs of stopping soon.
Then, without notice, Basch lowered his head, and put her finger into his mouth and began to suck it gently. After what felt like forever (which was actually only a couple of seconds), he finally lifted his head and spat the blood to the ground. Turning back to her again, he blew softly against her puncture wound, and was pleased to see the bleeding had finally stopped.
“That should do it,” he said, not releasing her hand and making sure to keep it leveled with her heart. With one hand, he unclasped the cap of the water pouch and he took a mouthful of water and gargled. “Some of the Cactuar needles may be poisonous,” he added, somewhat incoherently.
At that moment, the only thing that Penelo was capable of was to nod at his every word, and stare at him blankly while he washed the cut. The shade of her cheeks rivaled the puddle of blood, causing her to look slightly feverish. After a few moments, she steered her gaze away from him bashfully, and chewed her lower lip in an anxious manner.
Basch looked at her worriedly when he felt her trembled, and he thought that perhaps the injury was worse than he expected. Releasing the grasp on her hand, he stood up and dusted the sand from his pants, “Keep your hand above heart level and stay right here. I’ll get some disinfectant.” And he left her, racing off to where he presumed the party was seated.
Alone, Penelo turned to stare at the stupid lifeless Cactuar beside her, and she muttered shyly under her breathe, “Damn Cactuar.”
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