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I've just touched down in Korea a couple of hours ago and will be staying here for two weeks, so don't mind me if I'm a little absent from all aspects of the Internet in the upcoming weeks. With that said, this is South Korea we're talking about, the country that is known for having the fastest internet speed in the world along with high bandwidth usage, so the chances of me not using/finding the Internet is almost... laughable. The question here is that will I still have the energy to log on the internet after a day full of adventure. :D

Things I'm looking forward to:
- Jekyll and Hyde musical
- Teddy Bear Museum
- Hanji Paper Workshop at Bukchon Hanok Village
- Kyobo Book Centre at Gwanghwamun-jum
- Yeongneung UNESCO Heritage
- Namiseon Island
- The good-looking cashier at Namsan Guesthouse 2 (If he's really as good-looking as the rumours say, I'm going to have to wander over to this Guesthouse every other night and ask for directions :P)
- A young, hot Korean husband XP

P.S.: If anyone wants a postcard, just drop me a PM with your address.
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Dear beloved f-list, feel free to ignore the following post. In fact, after almost a year of disappearance, I truly think this is a very poor returning entry to this journal. But I really need to place this soundtrack trading list somewhere until I can find a better location to keep it. So erm, please bear with it till it disappears from your f-list entries.

But hey, if you do see anything you like in there, just ask, okay? 83

Disney Albums Collection )

Aorin's List )

Aorin's Wants )
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So, let's get this straight, today is not my birthday, nor was it last week or even last month. In fact, my birthday was over months ago, like way back in early July :P Back then, I didn't manage to make that obligatory birthday post due to some issues with LJ itself and I was really busy (I've got a job if it explains a lot and there goes my freedom T__T). Between then and now, I actually wanted to update several stuff for fandom but never got around it because I feel must make this particular post before I ever consider updating my LJ.

Days turn into weeks, weeks into months and I'd be damn if I don't complete this post by the end of this year :3

This post is important because I would like to acknowledge some of the amazingly nice and sweet people on my f-list (and elsewhere) whom actually remembered my birthday and made me some lovely gifts for me. Bless you for being such sweet angels and million apologies for not getting back to you about it earlier.

Also, I've included some commission pictures which I've compiled over the last couple of months at various conventions, over at deviantart and er... some older artworks other people drew and coloured for me. Basically, I've divided this post into Birthday, Gifts and Commissions ;)

Without further ado, pic spam alert!!

Birthday )

Gifts )

Commissions )

And I do miss you guys and the nice times on LJ :(

PS: Updated 23 images on the Basch/Ashe fanart post :D
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Long story short, I've attended my university convocation yesterday, and to commemorate this event, I made a series of icons, animation banners, friends only banners and oversize-bandwidth-consuming group banners XD With the theme, "Doctor of Philosophy in Final Fantasy XII" ;D

Honestly, I wasn't too keen on my own graduation ceremony. While the pomp and circumstance was a treat, it was dreadfully boring in the robbing room earlier that afternoon. I mean, I seriously felt like a canned sardin, and it's not because I was crammed into a room where I have to bump shoulders to move, or the fact that I'm wearing four layers of thick clothing inside the sauna-like room (not to mention, I kept on tripping over the hem of my gown, arms flailing and all, and I probably took out someone's eye with the mortar board X3), or even the fact that the graduands, boys and girls alike, despite being well-educated and smartly dressed, were gabbling like fish-mongers in a fish market :3

Now, what ultimately drove me nuts in the end was not all that (though, a large part of it), but rather it was the silly rule: No drinks allowed until the end of the ceremony 8O In the situation where I'm in a blazing warm room, filled with hundreds of noisy students from my faculty, with a Harry Potter gown sitting on my shoulders, and the last morsel of food that I had was three hours ago; the committee saw fit to impose this rule then =.=|||

I nearly dehydrated along the way TT^TT

Anyhow, while I'm not all cheers and celebration for my graduation, I'd probably go mad with joy if I receive a Ph.D in Final Fantasy XII XD

And btw, strangely, for the last two weeks, half of the post by my f-list were either graduation-related or hospital-related :P Well, congrats to the earlier and well-wishes to the latter :)

Doctor of Philosophy in Final Fantasy XII )

Icons )

Characters Banner )

Friends Only Banner )

Group Banner (Small) )

Group Banner (Medium) )

Group Banner (Large) )

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An obligatory resources and credits post that must be written.

This list is not complete at the moment as I did not keep record of my resources previously, and I've lost some of the names, and thus, cannot credit appropriately. If you recognise anything that belongs to you, and I didn't manage to credit, please notify me, and I'll add you to the list immediately :)

Note to self: It looks really untidy, will fix it when I have the chance later X3 )
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And so. It happened all on one night when I should be giving priority to other matters on my to-do-list. But instead, I decided to salvage some old books from the dust-filled, rat-infested attic... since my dad told me not waste money in re-purchasing some old novels and he was fairly sure I can find it somewhere in the store room. Though he didn't mention the possible conditions of the books, but I could fairly guess that most of it would have become a comfortable and homely place for the rats to breed and bring up their kids (and believe me, those rodents have a good taste in books).

After spending an hour of lifting, dusting, unbinding, and re-binding, I manage to rescue a few titles:  )

Note to self: Now, I need to visit the drug store to get some antiseptic liquid and then, I'll get myself to the stationary shop to buy some book wrapper(s) x3 

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