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Dear beloved f-list, feel free to ignore the following post. In fact, after almost a year of disappearance, I truly think this is a very poor returning entry to this journal. But I really need to place this soundtrack trading list somewhere until I can find a better location to keep it. So erm, please bear with it till it disappears from your f-list entries.

But hey, if you do see anything you like in there, just ask, okay? 83

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Rabid rats and fats cats in a bag!! I've never encountered so many errors and horrors from youtube before. Seriously, youtube have something against me today, and it took me practically forever (or at least, it feels that long) to post this video. I actually wanted to broadcast this video on Christmas day itself, but well, didn't manage to make it X3

That, and originally, I wanted to create a Basch/Ashe Christmas Special Video (well, something along those lines), but sadly, I couldn't complete it in time, and now, I'm not sure if I should continue with the project, erm, unless someone is interested... XP And the fics, well, I'll have something up by New Year... hopefully :D

Also, though, this might be a little late, I'd still like to wish everyone Merry Christmas ;)

Title: Forget About Love
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Character(s): Balthier, Basch/Ashe
Song: "Forget About Love" from Aladdin: The Return of Jafar
Rating: G
Summary: Sneaky Balthier is up to one of his mischieves (again!). As he tries to 'convince and advise' Ashe to forget about her love for Basch, by singing about his distaste for love and romance. His plans in separating (or uniting?) Ashe and Basch obviously backfired (or worked?) when the couple finally realises the feelings they share deep down and that they just can't 'Forget About Love' ♥

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Three videos in a row?

Yes, and there's probably more to come later. I'm on a verge of creating at least one video for every single Disney title... Probably not! X3 To be honest, I'm quite happy with this video, because, for once, it actually contains the full cast, and almost all the characters got a chance to shine. I swear, if Chip had a line, it would definitely belong to Larsa and no one else. On the other hand, Basch, Ashe and Ondore performance is phenomenal, and they deserve an Oscar! (or anything?) XD

Off topic: I do like my new shiny icon XD I love the pose, and I'm going to blackmail my sister into making a better one!

Title: The Mob Song
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Character(s): Basch, Ashe, Vayne, Ondore, Vaan, Penelo, Balthier, Fran and Cast
Song: "The Mob Song" from Beauty and the Beast
Rating: G
Summary: Vayne believes that he can get everything he wants, but, his perfect illusion was shattered when Ashe chose Basch instead. Displeased and filled with fury, he rallied his army of Judges and march forth to destroy the man who claimed her heart. Basch, who was grief-stricken over the departure of Ashe, made no attempt to defend himself from the onslaught, but lucky for him, his loyal friends - Vaan, Penelo, Balthier and Fran - stood by his side, and valiantly held back Vayne and his henchmen. And thus, the Mob!

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I obviously deserve to be shot for neglecting all those who commented on my previous video (with a bazooka or flamethrower for [profile] galatea23 's case, take your pick and I won't run away!).

But in any case, yes, [personal profile] astrangerenters , I'm probably the most predictable creature you've ever seen XD Which is why part II of the Hercules/Final Fantasy XII series appeared. I do share a love-hate relationship with this video, because, at certain segments, it was a breeze, other times, I feel like breaking fingers, and pulling Ashe out of the screen, just so I can throttle her. Though, somehow, I do pity little Larsa at 1.10, who not only had to put up with Ivalice politics, but had to listen to Ashe's love life problem as well. Poor little guy! 

Well, Ashe definitely have my full attention when she rants on about her love life! God knows what she'll do (or what she can do) if I ignore her! XD

Title: I Won't Say (I'm In Love)
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Character(s): Ashe/Basch
Song: 'I Won't Say (I'm In Love)' from Hercules
Rating: G
Summary: After Basch's journey from Zero to Hero, the spotlight then turns to Ashe, who finds herself, well, romantically attracted to Basch, but stubbornly denies her heart. And how does she deny these growing amorous feelings? By singing, of course!! XD

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::mumbles incoherently::

Title: Zero To Hero
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Character(s): Basch, Ashe and Cast
Song: "Zero To Hero" from Hercules
Rating: G
Summary: The road to the top is never easy. Let's all see how Hercules Captain Basch does it all! XD

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Never would I ever dream of creating a fanvid for Vayne and his party of minions. But I was searching for some songs for Basch, Ashe and Vaan to stumble upon this song and the image of Vayne singing it is just hilarious. It wasn't hard at all to create this video, because Vayne was the perfect villain and he mouth his words so perfectly. But this video was a pain to create cause there were so many glitches in the original one. The scene came together easily, it is to fix the errors that were hard.

Title: Be Prepared
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Character(s): Vayne, Bergan, Ghis, and Cast
Song: "Be Prepared" from The Lion King
Rating: G
Summary: Vayne is the perfect villain (he knows it XD), and he put his dark deeds into a song, accompanied with his band of minions chorusing and praising his majestic name X3

Well, enough said and I hope you'll enjoy this video. Comments and criticisms are highly appreciated ^_^

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