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Second post in a day because I don't want to cram too many things in one post. Here are the extra materials and images that are released in DGM Volume 20. I must confess I haven't been this excited since the release of the DGM fanbook and Noche, and the information here are absolutely precious. I mean, what can I say, I adore the Asian Branch if you haven't notice ;D

Also, it is revealed that Volume 21 will be released in November.

Inner Cover of Volume 20 )

Edgar, Touyi and Zuu's Profiles )

Additional Images: Link & Timcanpy; Alma & Kanda )

Special Thanks Page (or as I call it, THE COVER THAT NEVER MADE IT) )

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So, I have D.Gray-man Volume 20 with me :D I've scanned Chapter 193.5 and the additional materials and I'll be sharing it here. With the help of K and L, I have the translation for Chapter 193.5 which I'll include below each image. It'll be nice if someone can offer to clean and typeset this :D Also, I hope that some kind talented fan out there is willing to colour the final panel of this chapter. It's absolutely gorgeous and heart-rending.

Edit: My prayers have been answered! [ profile] darkwater657 has cleaned and typeset the images and is sharing it with us here. And [ profile] ningi provided us with a beautiful colouring of the heartbreaking last panel here. Thank you, you two are just wonderful!

Photobucket has resized the images, I will reupload a bigger one later. In the mean time, discuss away!

Oh, and be prepared to have your heart gutted out T_T

Chapter 193.5 Friend )

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