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I hardly contribute to the fandom and there's really nothing much to be listed here, but considering the fact that this journal is more of a private archive than anything else, I should sort and catalogue everything for easier navigation. And since, I only ever produce for one single fandom, all works will be segregated into fanfics, fanvids and graphics post :D


Comments are highly appreciated and loved, of course, nothing could make me more happier than knowing that someone is enjoying my works :D

Last Updated: April 16, 2011

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Made this series of wallpapers quite a while ago along with the icons, but I was too lazy to upload them, and I still couldn't figure out how to shrink the size of the wallpapers. The cast looks perfectly comfortable with earphones and iPods. After spending two days in completing this series, my sister insist on demanding advertising and promotional fees from Square Enix and Apple. Weird kid, I'll be surprise if both of us weren't sued for copyright infridgement before that. For the record, my favourite wallpaper is the first (iBashe) and the last one (iGabby)!!

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Hehe... I was aiming to post up the first entry to my LJ on my birthday. But many things - an outing with friends, dinner party, cake blowing and a traffic jam - was in my way in completing this task. I just hope I managed to make it in time to finish this post before the clock inevitably strikes 12.

Oh, my birthday presents this year are... a few text messages and a bill for dinner which my friend footed on my behalf  ::sighs:: Seems like presents these day are rather immaterial? Also, I've received a truly memorable present from my younger sister.

Well, she did say that money doesn't matter and it was the heart that counts.

Btw, do you know that chinese folks - especially those in my country - tend to celebrate their birthday twice. Once according to the Chinese Lunar calendar, while the other according to the normal calendar. Not that I receive double the presents, but I did get two cakes XD

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