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Long story short, I've attended my university convocation yesterday, and to commemorate this event, I made a series of icons, animation banners, friends only banners and oversize-bandwidth-consuming group banners XD With the theme, "Doctor of Philosophy in Final Fantasy XII" ;D

Honestly, I wasn't too keen on my own graduation ceremony. While the pomp and circumstance was a treat, it was dreadfully boring in the robbing room earlier that afternoon. I mean, I seriously felt like a canned sardin, and it's not because I was crammed into a room where I have to bump shoulders to move, or the fact that I'm wearing four layers of thick clothing inside the sauna-like room (not to mention, I kept on tripping over the hem of my gown, arms flailing and all, and I probably took out someone's eye with the mortar board X3), or even the fact that the graduands, boys and girls alike, despite being well-educated and smartly dressed, were gabbling like fish-mongers in a fish market :3

Now, what ultimately drove me nuts in the end was not all that (though, a large part of it), but rather it was the silly rule: No drinks allowed until the end of the ceremony 8O In the situation where I'm in a blazing warm room, filled with hundreds of noisy students from my faculty, with a Harry Potter gown sitting on my shoulders, and the last morsel of food that I had was three hours ago; the committee saw fit to impose this rule then =.=|||

I nearly dehydrated along the way TT^TT

Anyhow, while I'm not all cheers and celebration for my graduation, I'd probably go mad with joy if I receive a Ph.D in Final Fantasy XII XD

And btw, strangely, for the last two weeks, half of the post by my f-list were either graduation-related or hospital-related :P Well, congrats to the earlier and well-wishes to the latter :)

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