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Your wish is my command, [ profile] mariagoner , and here's the drabble as promised ;D I'm immensely glad that you've enjoyed it and even more flattered that you would consider including this into your Uses of Enchantment series. For some reason, I'm unable to come up with a better title, therefore, if something else in mind, just tell me and I'll replace it. :)

Apart from that, do expect a FFXII pic-spam within the next few days ;)

Title: Ticking Time Bomb
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Character(s): Larsa, Penelo
Rating: G
Summary: Five Times Larsa Had Been Tempted To Do Upon Hearing of Men Pawing at his Sky-Pirating Lady

  1. For 15 seconds of his life, Larsa had toyed with the idea of officially declaring sexual harassment as a noose-hanging offence in the lands of his judicious administration, if these men were incapable of keeping their dirty paws to themselves breathing, they might learn from their mistakes better choking on a scaffold. His thoughts were made known to Gabranth, and the next day, he had found a conveniently placed half-written resignation letter on his guardian's desk)
  1. For 20 seconds of his life, Larsa had considered dissolving the alliance with Rozarria when he realized that Al-Cid had stolen the first dance with the beautiful lady of his affections at the Southern Annual Ball. (It was that Casanova’s birthday bash, and he had to pick his dance partner, whom the young love-sick emperor had at length, painstakingly persuaded to accompany him for this one festivity)
  1. For 30 seconds of his life, Larsa had stared unblinkingly at the name list of immigrants from the deserts, wondering if he should permit one particular man to take up residence in his lands (by heart and acute memory, he could distinguish the name and face of all the lewd men that had catcalled, wolf-whistled, or shamelessly flirted with the booty-shaking beauty, and this ill-fated man had all but did the three forbidden before his eyes). In the end, he had the man under 72 hours’ heavy surveillance and interrogation, led by none other than Judge Gabranth himself.
  1. For 45 seconds of his life, Larsa had been outrageously tempted to remove Balfonheim from the realm by accidentally brushing the power switch of the massive juggernaut aimed towards that forsaken direction. (Inviting Vaan to test-drive the latest fighter ship proves to be a blunder, when his rather dim-witted friend had mentioned as a passing that his lady navigator has been nicknamed “Sexy Sugar Thighs” by the mass male population of that outlandish buccaneer port)
  1. For 60 seconds of his life, Larsa had plucked off his gloves, rolled up his puffy sleeves, cracked his knuckles, visible twitch rising on his left temple and raced for the nearest battleship (with a dearly overworked Gabranth hot on his heels), when he finally found out that apparently Vaan’s airship had but one single bedroom.
(For countless seconds in his life, Larsa had been simply tempted to unmasked his true feelings, and let it be known to Ivalice that the one true love of His Imperial Majesty was the very same lady that these perverted scums of earth was trying to butter up. That ought to keep them away from the Future Sassy Empress for good!)

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