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It's a little bit too early to prepare this but since I'm obviously looking for an excuse to procrastinate (and tumblr was down earlier), so why not. I'll be taking one of those online reading challenges next year, mostly because I just want to cut down the To-Be-Read book pile in my room (which will expand massively in December after I return from the year-end book sale). Hopefully this will serve as a good enough incentive for me to finally clear my bookshelf up. At any rate, I own the following books and they are going to be stacked up in a nice spot next to my bed (because if I leave them in the bookshelf, they are never going to be read). Let's hope they'll be gone by the end of next year.

For now, I'm targeting minimally 30 books next year. Naturally, I'll be doing more reading than what's listed here and re-reads don't count. This list also excludes any potential university readings and whatever further materials that will come flying my way. Most of them are fiction, with a few non-fiction slot in and the list might be amended slightly in the future.

And yes, I know I have some horrible taste in books. Never mind the fact that I ought to have read some of these classics ages ago. ORZ

  1. Alexandre Dumas: The Count of Monte Cristo (1243)*
  2. Aravind Adiga: The White Tiger (321)
  3. Connie Willis: To Say Nothing of the Dog (493)
  4. Daniel Keyes: Flowers for Algernon (311)
  5. Dante Alighieri: Inferno (288)
  6. E.L. Doctorow: Ragtime (236)
  7. Erich Maria Remarque: All Quiet on the Western Front (215)
  8. F. Spencer Chapman: The Jungle is Neutral (341)
  9. Frank McCourt: Angela's Ashes (460)
  10. Gao Xingjian: Buying a Fishing Rod for My Grandfather (158)
  11. Ha Jin: War Trash (345)
  12. Ian Mortimer: The Time Traveler's Guide to Medieval England (292)
  13. Isabella Bird: The Golden Chersonese (352)
  14. Jason Roberts: A Sense of the World: How a Blind Man Became History's Greatest Traveler (355)
  15. Joseph Heller: Catch-22 (570)
  16. Jostein Gaarder: Sophie's World (427)
  17. Kazuo Ishiguro: An Artist of the Floating World (206)
  18. Lin Yutang: The Importance of Living (455)
  19. Maxime Hong Kingston: The Woman Warrior (209)
  20. Michael Ende: The Neverending Story (455)
  21. Murakami Haruki: Kafka on the Shore (467)
  22. Naomi Novik: Her Majesty's Dragon (356)
  23. Roddy Doyle: Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha (282)
  24. Salman Rushdie: Midnight's Children (647)
  25. Su Tong: Rice (266)
  26. T.H.White: The Once and Future King (639)
  27. Tash Aw: The Harmony Silk Factory (404)
  28. Ursula Le Guin: The Left Hand of Darkness (304)
  29. Xinran: Sky Burial (158)
  30. Yu Hua: China in Ten Words (225)

*So help me God, I will FINISH you in 2013.
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