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I hardly contribute to the fandom and there's really nothing much to be listed here, but considering the fact that this journal is more of a private archive than anything else, I should sort and catalogue everything for easier navigation. And since, I only ever produce for one single fandom, all works will be segregated into fanfics, fanvids and graphics post :D


Comments are highly appreciated and loved, of course, nothing could make me more happier than knowing that someone is enjoying my works :D

Last Updated: April 16, 2011


Final Fantasy XII Series

Courtly Love (Basch/Ashe)
What if the person you love is presumely dead? Would you continue to wait for him or would you settle on the arranged marriage forced unto you?
Prologue - Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

Thrice Upon a Time
[] At the age of seventeen, Penelo was already labeled as an orphan, a notorious sky pirate, an ex-freedom fighter and a secret ally to the crown. Upon the aftermath, all she wanted was some peace in her life, but she soon found herself tripping in time.

Final Fantasy XII One-shots/Challenge/Gift Fics:

In Opposites (Basch/Ashe):
The one where truth are often spoken in contradiction

Marks and Memories (Basch/Ashe):
Written for IJ Kinkfest.
Prompt: Washing away memory with sensations - "you're not really seeing me"

Ticking Time Bomb (Larsa/Penelo):
For [ profile] mariagoner.
Five Times Larsa Had Been Tempted To Do Upon Hearing of Men Pawing at his Sky-Pirating Lady. Hell hath no fury like an Emperor scorned.

Sting Bite (Basch, Penelo):
For [ profile] sarasa_cat.
There is no medicine better than a captain's kiss.

Boys Will Be Boys (Basch, Noah):
For [ profile] sarasa_cat.
Ronsenburg twins have peculiar ways in spending summer.

D.Gray-Man Series

Walk the World (Bak/Fou)
[] Upon finding his guardian deity kidnapped, Bak embarked on a full-out manhunt to retrieve her back. The one returned to him however wasn't quite the same deity he had remembered though...
Prologue - Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4

Love After War (Lenalee/?)
[] Sometimes, the results of one night can return to haunt your life when you least expect it.

Naruto Series

Home is Where the Heart is (Kakashi/Sakura)
Life sucks when you wake up one day to find yourself 27 years old, married to your teacher, with three precocious children and you have absolutely no idea how or when it happened.

Naruto One-Shots/Challenges

Peachy keen (Kakashi/Sakura)
Written for KakaSaku April Challenge: Make It Work (10/4 - 17/4)
Prompt: Peaches | The one where late night visits to the nearby convenience store with your lover was a bad idea.

Fan Videos

Final Fantasy XII Series

To Love You More (Basch/Ashe):
My first fanvid ever. A Basch/Ashe tribute that will always hold a special place in my heart. I will remake this video someday, as the original one has too many glitches and errors, and I shall share it here then :D

Precious (Basch/Ashe):
Precious is the name of this song, and I believe that Ashe only notice how precious Basch is to her after he left for Archadia. As for Basch, I'm more than willing to bet that his feelings for her are more than loyalty.

The Saga Begins (Basch, Ashe/Vaan, Gabranth and Cast):
Parody crossover music video between Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and Final Fantasy XII. May The Force Be With You.

At World's End (Balthier, Basch/Ashe, and Cast):
Parody crossover trailer between Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End and Final Fantasy XII. Hoist the Colours!

Batman Begins (Basch, Vayne, Ashe, Balthier):
Parody crossover trailer between Batman Begins and Final Fantasy XII.

Be Prepared (Vayne, Ghis, Bergan):
Vayne is the perfect villain (he knows it XD), and he put his dark deeds into a song, accompanied with his band of minions chorusing and praising his majestic name X3

Zero To Hero (Basch):
The road to the top is never easy. Let's all see how Hercules Captain Basch does it all! XD

I Wont' Say (I'm In Love) (Ashe/Basch):
After Basch's journey from Zero to Hero, the spotlight then turns to Ashe, who finds herself, well, romantically attracted to Basch, but stubbornly denies her heart. And how does she deny these growing amorous feelings? By singing, of course!! XD

The Mob Song (Vayne, Basch/Ashe and Cast):
Vayne believes that he can get everything he wants, but, his perfect illusion was shattered when Ashe chose Basch instead. Displeased and filled with fury, he rallied his army of Judges and march forth to destroy the man who claimed her heart. Basch, who was grief-stricken over the departure of Ashe, made no attempt to defend himself from the onslaught, but lucky for him, his loyal friends - Vaan, Penelo, Balthier and Fran - stood by his side, and valiantly held back Vayne and his henchmen. And thus, the Mob!

The New Girl in Town (Penelo, Fran, Ashe):
Penelo and Fran have been living a peaceful life in FFXII. Penelo bailing Vaan out of trouble while Fran saving Balthier from fires, the usual daily drill. Until Ashe (or Amalia?) makes her entrance and turns everything topsy-turvy.

Learn To Do It (Vossler, Basch, Ashe):
Ashe was certainly not famous for being demure, and more of a warrior princess than a meek maiden. If you ever wonder who taught the desert princess proper social graces, chances would be that we might catch a glimpse of two hardworking Dalmascan captains. It's tough being a Captain!

Forget About Love (Balthier, Basch/Ashe):
Sneaky Balthier is up to one of his mischieves (again!). As he tries to 'convince and advise' Ashe to forget about her love for Basch, by singing about his distaste for love and romance. His plans in separating (or uniting?) Ashe and Basch obviously backfired (or worked?) when the couple finally realises the feelings they share deep down and that they just can't 'Forget About Love' ♥

D.Gray-Man Series

Money, Money, Money (Allen, Cross):
Exorcist Allen Walker has led an extraordinary childhood

Graphic Posts

Doujinshi Posts

D.Gray-man Doujinshi I: Four Doujinshi [Locked]
♥ 中央庁の箱入りさん by 一片黒白
♥ Love Hometown by Lewis
♥ 少年時代 by yaya
♥ 喜好! by ダムダム

Icons and Tutorials

Final Fantasy XII iPod Series (Icons): A set icons featuring the FFXII cast listening to iPods.

100 Basch/Ashe Icons: [ profile] iconfiend100 challenge. Currently still in-progress, 20/100 icons completed.

Final Fantasy XII/Mythology: All Hail Baschilles! A photo manipulation tutorial, and four icons featuring the Final Fantasy characters crossover with mythological figures.

Final Fantasy XII: Doctor of Philosophy: A series of icons, animation banners, friends only banners, oversize-bandwith consuming banners featuring the six main characters in a graduation attire.

Picture Posts

Final Fantasy XII iPod Series (Wallpaper): A set wallpapers featuring the FFXII cast listening to iPods.

Basch/Ashe Fanarts: A considerably large collection of Basch/Ashe artworks from various sources. F-locked. Last Updated: October 1st, 2008

Roundtrip Doujinshi (Balthier/Fran, Basch/Ashe and Cast): A mixture of hilarious, endearing, cute short stories staring the cast in different scenarios after the end of Final Fantasy XII. *Revenant Wings Spoilers*

Basch/Ashe Fanart Commissions: Lovely fanart commissions depicting Basch and Ashe. A few romantic commission artworks gathered from Comic Fiesta 2007

D.Gray-man Volume 20 Scans: Chapter 193.5 and Extra Materials
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