Oct. 12th, 2008

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So, let's get this straight, today is not my birthday, nor was it last week or even last month. In fact, my birthday was over months ago, like way back in early July :P Back then, I didn't manage to make that obligatory birthday post due to some issues with LJ itself and I was really busy (I've got a job if it explains a lot and there goes my freedom T__T). Between then and now, I actually wanted to update several stuff for fandom but never got around it because I feel must make this particular post before I ever consider updating my LJ.

Days turn into weeks, weeks into months and I'd be damn if I don't complete this post by the end of this year :3

This post is important because I would like to acknowledge some of the amazingly nice and sweet people on my f-list (and elsewhere) whom actually remembered my birthday and made me some lovely gifts for me. Bless you for being such sweet angels and million apologies for not getting back to you about it earlier.

Also, I've included some commission pictures which I've compiled over the last couple of months at various conventions, over at deviantart and er... some older artworks other people drew and coloured for me. Basically, I've divided this post into Birthday, Gifts and Commissions ;)

Without further ado, pic spam alert!!

Birthday )

Gifts )

Commissions )

And I do miss you guys and the nice times on LJ :(

PS: Updated 23 images on the Basch/Ashe fanart post :D

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